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Product Spotlight Series Honeywell Home T10
Honeywell Home T10 Programmable Thermostat - Pro Series

Product Spotlight - Honeywell Home T10 Thermostat

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our customers is that the temperature in one or more rooms in the home is not adequate for their comfort level. The thermostat reads the correct temperature but that room will be too hot or too cold. In order to offer a cost effective solution that doesn't involve costly modifications to their existing structures and ductwork, we began testing the Honeywell Home Pro Series T10 Thermostat.

Often the thermostat in a home is located in a hallway or other somewhat enclosed area. Because the sensor is inside the thermostat, the temperature in that area effectively controls the temperature in the entire house. While the thermostat may read 72 degrees, it can feel quite different in a more remote room.

The Honeywell Home T10 thermostat solves this problem by combining the thermostat with redlink wireless room sensors placed in strategic locations throughout the home. The sensors communicate with the thermostat and deliver information such as temperature, humidity, and motion detection. You can then program the thermostat to sense motion around the remote sensor and transfer the temperature control to that room. The unit will continue to run until that sensor reaches the desired temperature. You can also transfer the program between sensors based on a schedule that you set via the Honeywell Home app. If you want your bedroom to start cooling down at night before you go to bed, set the program and have the thermostat do the work automatically.

As mentioned, the Honeywell Home app gives you access to the controls of your thermostat from any wireless device as long as your thermostat is Wifi connected. You can manage users from the app, set vacation schedules for your thermostat, or change the temperature when you are away from home. You can also see a weather forecast for your home along with current humidity levels. Access to the app allows you to use the geofence feature. When geofence is enabled the app can sense when your wireless device enters or leaves the radius area that you specify and can adjust the control accordingly. On older models you could do this by setting timed schedules, but by using geofence, the temperature doesn't change until you leave the home. If you are delayed, the schedule won't change the temperature because it's being controlled by the presence of your wireless device inside the geofence. You can set multiple users on the app so that the geofence works for anyone inside the specified radius.

The Honeywell Home T10 Thermostat with redlink technology is a great option for homeowners who want smart technology at an affordable price. Each thermostat comes with one sensor but you can add multiple sensors depending on your individual needs. The sensors work up to 200 feet from the thermostat so they are easily customizable in a multitude of situations. If you would like more information about this thermostat or others like it, give us a call. Mention this blog post for $20 off your thermostat install.

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